DTG, also known as Direct-To-Garment or Digital printing, is a new method in textile printing that uses inkjet technology to print graphics directly onto finished garments like t-shirts and promotional items. DTG printing can achieve extremely fine detail and impressive full color graphics that would be difficult or impossible to screen print.  It’s ideal for T-shirt designs that demand full-color, shadows or gradients, which include photographs and high-resolution images or logos containing a variety of different colors.

The main advantage of Direct to garment printing is that there is no film, screens or additional set up work or fees. The images can be printed directly from the computer to the shirt, making it possible to receive a digital file and have a high quality printed shirt in less than 10 minutes. 

Although direct to garment printing is awesome and makes amazing prints, it does have some drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the print speed. DTG printing is perfect for small or individual shirts orders, but the printing time is much slower than screen printing. 

  • Yields high quality, durable images.
  • Print on any color garment, recommended for dark prints on light color garments for best result.
  • Price: Fixed cost per shirt, regardless of quantity ordered. Often cheaper than screen printing for multiple-color images on small runs.
  • Used for: Photos, Graphic Effects, and highly detailed images.



We stock vinyl in a variety of colors, including glitters, and we can custom-cut names in various fonts and scripts. We can even cut basic graphics and logos for smaller orders. After the vinyl is cut and hand-placed on the shirts, it is then heat pressed onto the fabric at over 320 degrees to withstand the tests of washing and wearing.



Reliable Creatives completes all embroidery orders in-house using three state-of-the-art Melco embroidery machines. All of our embroidery orders are priced based on stitch count, which we determine by sending your art off to be digitized, if they are not already in a digital format. We charge a one-time fee for all orders with designs that require digitizing (usually between $30-60 depending on the size and complexity of the design). We’ll keep your digital design files for all future embroidery orders.